Hypefactors product updates

20. January 2020

  • Update (Reporting 1.3): Reports are opened on a new page where the user can do final custumizations
  • Update (Reporting 1.3): It is now possible to hide/remove pages in the report before exporting it
  • Update (Reporting 1.3): User can now change the font type in the reports
  • Update (Reporting 1.3): The metrics and data can be changed while editing the report
  • Update (Reporting 1.3): A color theme can be set for the reports

10. January 2020

  • Add: Create custom RSS feeds based on mentions. Now you can create RSS buckets and add brand mentions to them. This makes it possible to embed online mentions on websites etc.

15. Januar 2020

  • Add: Create custom RSS feed buckets and add your mentions to them. The RSS feeds can be used anywhere the customer likes

07. December 2019

  • Add: Turn media monitoring streams in to RSS feeds that can be embedded anywhere.

16. November 2019

  • Add: Analytics of recent mentions on the right side of the media monitoring streams. Providing instant stats on: Mentions over time, total number of articles, total number of impressions distribution of media outlets. We see this as a great addition to our more indepth analytics sections.

12. November 2019

  • Add: Add a user to a brand without forcing them to accept the brand

1. November 2019

  • Add: Make notes on individual relations and sent them a direct email

20. Oktober 2019

  • Add: Clustering of similar articles in the daily email

10. Oktober 2019

  • Add: See all of our guided tours at the top of the screen

2. Oktober 2019

  • Add: Be able to connect a KPI with a stream

10. September 2019

  • Add: Add LinkedIn mentions manually and get a Hypefactors Value

5. September 2019

  • Add: A visualization of the geographical split between your mentions

1. September 2019

  • Add: Turn on exact search in a stream; recognizing capital letters and special signs
  • Add: Turn on exact search in a stream; recognizing capital letters and special signs

24. August 2019

  • Add: Search on emails, names, tags and media outlets in relations

15. August 2019

  • Add: See stats as visitor numbers in your free online newsroom

1. August 2019

  • Add: Change the order of your brands in your daily email and on the left side menu.