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Everything a PR professional needs

AI based PR automation software

Hypefactors is the only solution you will need as a PR professional
We cover all your needs

All the PR tools you need to power your hype + All the PR facts to document your results. All in one. And beautifully easy.

Measure the financial impact of your media coverage.

Become data-driven and document the impact of Earned Media.

Monitor relevant media mentions in real-time.

Distribute your stories and track the impact.

Create media coverage reports in one click.

Publish stories in your own stylish newsroom.

Discover the most relevant media influencers.

Link Earned Media to strategic business objectives.

Manage your social media channels the PR way.

Personalized user dashboard with all the important information.

Easy. Easy. Easy. It’s all seamlessly integrated.

Don’t waste your time on PR tools

The philosophy of Hypefactors is that PR professionals should spend very little time using software tools. Actually, we recommend for you to use only one tool. Intuitive and easy to use, Hypefactors is the one-stop tool covering all important features and facts needed by a true PR professional. Saving time, reducing cost, improving results.