Track and report the true value of all your media coverage. In real time. Do you know how well your brand performs in terms of media coverage? For every market, brand, or agency? Every day? Hypefactors gives you a transparent and consistent overview. Track, analyse, compare, and share performance results easily, across brands, markets, and time. And see how you progress by comparing to benchmarks and KPIs. In real time.

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Calculate media value

Hypefactors' unique metrics is the most accurate tool for calculating the value of media coverage. Create reports in the blink of an eye to compare markets, campaigns and media.

Track media coverage

Get notifications when team members upload new media clippings to your database. Get detailed information about media type, value, and author. Your media coverage has never been more transparent.

Analyse & benchmark

Create detailed reports of your media coverage and compare results across time and between markets, agents and products. Get information about numbers of clippings, media type dominance, coverage success and market penetration scores. All reports can be downloaded and shared with contacts and collaborators.

One platform for all coverage

Store all your media clippings in one single place and get access anywhere. Hypefactors supports all major file formats, which allow you to collect everything from TV-clips to social media coverage. Mark clippings with tailored tags to retrieve them from your database easily.

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