Are people talking about you, your company, your brand(s), your competitors or your industry? Probably. Don’t wait, but find out now…now…and now. Hypefactors Streams delivers all the tailor made streams of media monitoring you need. In real-time, and whether in the office, home or on-the-go. Fully integrated with our automated performance measurement, always reporting the true value of your coverage.

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Personalised Stream

It’s so easy to define the different streams of news you would like to follow; like streams on different brands, markets, competitors or whatever is important to you. By automation, you also get a personalised stream, where real-time media coverage results from your different streams are merged.

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Share and Follow

As you know it from social medias, you can share your streams with other team members just like you can follow other people streams. This way you will all be connected and updated.

Be the first to know

Really don’t wanna wait days, weeks or months for important media coverage? We understand. With Hypefactors, you will be the first to know. Both news mentions and important KPI’s will also be within reach when you are on the go. Simply download the Hypefactors mobile app for iOS or Android.

Add to clippings and report

In a few clicks the coverage from your streams can be added to your clippings and turned into true Hypefactors Value. The integration is seamless and you can easily create the performance reports you need.

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