Content marketing

The Newsroom approach to content marketing

Give your marketing content some of the credibility and appeal of the ‘regular’ news. With a Newsroom approach to content marketing, you have a singular hub for your content. The content is tagged, it’s optimized for search engines and for sharing on social platforms. Your content is also put into a uniform layout based on user preferences.

A Newsroom for content distribution

There is an abundance of channels and social media platforms to distribute your content to. With Hype.News as your main content distribution tool, you host your content from one place and can share and distribute it from here.

Images and videos are more important than ever

Hype.News is optimized for your content. Add videos and images to achieve the best impact, reach the most readers and get the most hits. With a Hype.News Newsroom you can present your company with videos, images and text. You can add cover images to your stories, that will be implemented on social medias when your content is shared. Yes, Hype.News got you covered.

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