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Manage all your press content from one platform, distribute it to social media, online channels and relevant influencers. Hype.News makes it easier and faster to create and distribute stories efficiently and SEO friendly.

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With Hype.News your organisation gets a good looking customised online Newsroom from where your press releases and other news stories can be published and distributed. You decide which news to tell, how the stories should appear and be prioritized. Then journalists, bloggers and other influencers can find your stories and share them with their audience.

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By creating a Hype.News Newsroom you get an optimized platform for managing all your stories. By adding your branding, social media accounts, video content, contact information and press material you will have a hub for your brand that contributes to your overall SEO and availability for influencers.

A perfect content marketing platform

A Newsroom is the perfect content marketing platform. By hosting content on your Newsroom and embedding it on your other platforms, Google will not punish your SEO ranking for duplicate content. At the same time, all your content will be uniform, sharable and SEO friendly.

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Hype.News is your first step in content distribution. By posting your content on Hype.News, it will appear on your channels and be optimized to look its best on social platforms, emails etc.

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