Already a Hypefactors user – and in search of support?

Sometimes, you could use a bit of assistance. That’s exactly why our friendly support team is there to assist you. There are several ways to reach us.

Contact support

Live in-platform chat

Any platform-related questions can be answered by our support team through the chatbox (lower right corner) here on the site or when signed in to the platform. For the in-platform chat it works like this:

Login to the platform

Click the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen

Click ‘New Conversation’ and write us a message. Our team will reply to you as soon as possible.


If you prefer to use the good old email, you can always send your request to

Tours and guides

When signed in to the platform we have a long list of different easy-to-understand tours that will assist you to take advantage of all the Hypefactorsfeatures. You can find them here:

You can also access the tours directly in each section of the platform.  The relevant tours and videos can be found in the upper right corner of the platform (GUIDED TOURS)

Report an issue

If you discover an issue with the platform, please let us know so can solve the problem asap. When notifying our support team, please consider the following:

Detailed description
The more detailed and accurate your description, the easier it will be for our support team to identify the issue and resolve it.

Your actions
Providing a detailed description of your actions leading up to the issue helps us to replicate the exact circumstances under which it occurred.

A screenshot of the issue will help us locate it.

Is this the first time you have observed this issue or is it keep coming back? 

Questions for other departments

You can reach other departments of Hypefactors by sending them an email

For billing or legal issues, contact:

For business partnership issues, contact:

For media partnership issues, contact: