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Hypefactors A/S is no longer a publicly traded company. Shareholders still holding Hypefactors shares will be able to see their shareholdings in the VP register until June 21, 2024. After this date, shareholders will receive a light yellow certificate via their bank/broker to document their shares. The details will be communicated by Euronext Securities through e-boks for individuals and regular mail for companies.

‍More information will follow on how to register in the new digital share register and how to buy or sell shares. 

Hypefactors is a software company, providing AI powered tech for media intelligence and reputation management. A business segment showing rapid growth. Hypefactors combines big data, analytics, innovative AI and machine learning technology to ease users workflow and deliver the facts to document the results. By using Hypefactors’ own state-of-the-art crawling technology, global media mentions across all relevant media channels, are converted to intelligent insights incl. automated sentiment assessment and monetary valuations. The platform also contains other time-saving tools, such as automatically generated media reports, news distribution and mobile apps.

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Casper Janns, CEO
Casper founded and led the communications agency Integral, when insights from the industry made him aware of the need for better, more automated, more measureable, more integrated and more user friendly media intelligence and reputation management technology. Hypefactors was born.

Viet Yen Nguyen, CTO
Viet, who has a Ph.D. in computer science, leads our team of data scientists, engineers and other tech developers, has developed technology for business-critical systems, including for the European Space Agency. Viet’s top competence is ’big data’, ’data extraction’ and forecasts.

Michael Østerlund Madsen, CFO
In control of finances and investor relations. Michael’s expertise in finance, accounting, risk management, and capital markets plus his experience from prior roles as CFO at Nordic Aviation Capital, and as Group CFO at EAC/ØK make him a strong asset for us. Michael has been CFO since 09.04.2021. He owns 74,272 shares in Hypefactors.

Board of Directors

Martin Michael Hansen, Chairman of the board
CEO and partner of the digital advertising agency Yellow Umwelt, eight times winner of the Advertising Effectiveness Award. He has previously held positions at Kunde & Co, Saatchi and TDC. Martin has been a member of the board since 24.09.2019

Rafael Cifuentes, Board member
Managing Partner at Precis Digital, a tech- and data-oriented agency group headquartered in Sweden. Over the past decade, Rafael has played a pivotal role in growing the company from just three employees to over 600, with a turnover exceeding 500 million SEK. Precis Digital is now one of the most profitable agencies in its field in Europe, with offices in nine countries across the continent and North America.

Kasper Hülsen, Board member
An industry expert. Kasper has been CCO in the traditional media monitoring company Infomedia. He has also been Vice President of FIBEP, the global industry organization for media monitoring companies. Today Kasper is Growth Executive in Slow Forest Coffe. Kasper has been a member of the board since 19.05.2020

Investor Relations

For investor related questions, please contact:
Casper Janns, CEO

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