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Dear PR professional

We know PR. We have been there, done it, worked with the strategic PR level and with the daily operational tasks. We know what PR can do and we know the challenges. That’s why we started to develop Hypefactors. It’s for PR professionals by PR professionals

It was (and still is) obvious that PR/Earned Media creates a lot of value for a lot of organisations. PR can build strong brands and positively influences the entire sales funnel, making conversion into sales easier.

Still, executives often underestimate the value of PR due to the lack of relevant and valid performance metrics and data. Because of this, PR professionals often do not get the deserved credit. And even worse; as the value of PR is so unclear, the business optimal resources are not allocated.

PR must be able to address the business critical questions: What’s the Return On PR Investment? And how does PR perform compared to Marketing? How do we make our tracking and reporting process faster, easier and better? Who are the most relevant influencers for our brands? What is the financial value of our PR efforts? Why not spend the entire budget on Google Adwords?

How do we evaluate and compare our different PR activities? The list goes on.

PR needs to speak the language of business and tap into already known marketing metrics, making it possible to compare the impacts and the direct return on investments. We are here to deliver the best possible solution to link PR tighter to business objectives.

At the same time, the PR workflow often feels like a big black box, where too much time is wasted trying to figure out what really is going on. Administration and manual processes like creating coverage reports is a huge part of a PR professional’s work life, taking out time from being creative, talking to media influencers etc. Why not make the life of the PR professional a bit easier? We are here to serve that purpose as well.

That’s what Hypefactors is about. To deliver all the facts to document the results created from PR, and to deliver the best and most effective tools to optimise the entire PR workflow. All integrated into one unique platform.

We are based in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. If you would like to stop by and say hello, give us a call

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