Company announcements, brand stories, product news or profile articles. Hypefactors makes it easier and faster to create and distribute stories efficiently.

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Create great content:

Create, edit, collaborate with colleagues. Add the images you prefer and get your smashing story ready for sharing. With Hypefactors you have the tools to make it go fast.

Create your press releases in Hypefactors

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Once completed, your story can be distributed in three ways – all directly from Hypefactors. No matter what you choose, we will track the impact and let you know which type of content that performs the best among your media contacts.

A. You can pitch to individual journalists or bloggers. You can include images and other relevant files in your mailings and make them stand out. And you can still use your regular and preferred email account.

B. You can publish to the different social media platforms. Using the calendar function, you can even plan ahead and schedule posts days or weeks into the future.

C. You can amplify directly to a broader audience by publishing to a customized online ’Newsroom’ on Hype.News which is integrated with the other parts of Hypefactors, making it really easy.  You decide which news is told, how they appear and are prioritized. Then journalists, bloggers, and other influencers can find your stories and share them with their audience.

Create amazing press releases

Hypefactors is your wingman through all steps of the PR workflow, including the creation of rock-solid press releases, news stories or other media content. With the Create section of Hypefactors, you have a high tech tool that saves you a lot of time and makes it easier to collaborate with colleagues when a new press release is in the making.

Create and distribute amazing press releases with Hypefactors

Effective distribution of press releases

When your press release is ready to be sent to a specific journalist or a group of influencers, Hypefactors got you covered with our large media and influencer database. With this tool, you are able to distribute your content to the right media contacts. The technology tracks your emails and lets you know when a journalist opens your email, and we provide you with the financial value of the article or content that derives from your press release.

Create content and distribute it to influnecers with Hypefactors PR platform

And to discover and connect with the right media influencers, simply head to the ‘Connect’ part of the platform

It’s integrated. It’s Hypefactors.

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