With Hypefactors you will get all the facts to prove and improve your earned media results, including the financial value of every single piece of media coverage. Finally, you can unlock the business potential of PR.

From feelings to business facts

Hypefactors is not supporting the Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) method of calculating the value of PR. AVE has many weaknesses and does not actually measure the value of PR, which is also why more and more PR experts and C-levels refuse to use the method.

We have replaced AVE with ’Hypefactors Value’, a more sophisticated and accurate metric for the financial value of media coverage. Hypefactors Value is calculated from a unique measurement algorithm based on 10 different parameters. Of course, we supply you with all the required data, smoothly crunched and ready to take in and present. You get a transparent and consistent overview ready to analyse and compare performance results across brands, markets, media type, time, and more.

Set up targets and get updated on the progress

With Hypefactors, you can set targets for key performance indicators (KPIs) important to your business and team. You get updated on the progress in real-time: are you or the team on track or not? If needed, you can take action, adjust your plan and improve the performance before it’s too late.

Measure the value of PR

Hypefactors measures the value of your media coverage and provides you with all the data you need to document the earned media results, including the financial value of your PR. The sophisticated AI-driven algorithm calculates the value of your media coverage based on different relevant media parameters. Social media, online, print and more. No matter the kind of media coverage, you get the PR analytics that matter.

Intelligent earned media insight

Don’t leave professional analytics to paid media and owned media. Hypefactors’ intelligence delivers the earned media analytics to measure, compare and benchmark PR performance within different markets, time periods, brands, and activities. Our easy-to-use filtering options make it simple and fast to access exactly the insights you need – when you need them. Hypefactors’ media intelligence platform is your one-stop solution for analysing and reporting on your PR results – and the fast track to improving your performance.

And there’s more. To turn all the facts into a smashing coverage report with exactly the facts you need, ready to present and share, simply turn to the ‘Report’ part of the platform.

It’s integrated. It’s Hypefactors.

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