Hypefactors monitor all relevant media coverage in real-time. The monitoring is tailor-made to fit the individual PR professional.

Hypactors monitor module

Global media monitoring

We promise. Media monitoring has never been easier. You can monitor coverage and conversations for different brands, for specific markets and for specific types of media. Would you like to monitor Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, blogs or maybe online medias in general? You decide and tell us – or you simply set up your preferred monitoring streams yourself. It’s that easy.

Hypefactors monitors the web
Hypefactors monitors facebook
Hypefactors monitors twitter
Hypefactors monitors instagram
Hypefactors monitors print media
Hypefactors monitors youtube
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Always be the first to know

With Hypefactors, you will always be the first to know. The mobile app makes monitoring convenient on-the-go. Just download the mobile app for iOS or Android and get going.

How global news monitoring works

Advanced Artifical Intelligence (AI) drives our modern news media monitoring, but setting up a monitoring stream is really easy. You can do it, no doubt. Simply decide which media coverage to monitor and track: Digital media, blog media, print media, social media. Then pick the terms to monitor. Would you like to monitor mentions for a company, monitor mentions for a brand, monitor mentions for a product or maybe monitor mentions for competitors? Then you can add extra criteria and search words to narrow down and specify the tracking including specific languages – as we monitor worldwide.

Global news monitoring

Social media listening

People are talking about your brand, but what do they say? With Hypefactors it’s easy to monitor all relevant social media posts that mention your brand – or whatever other topics you wish to monitor for. The social media monitoring tool is of course integrated with the rest of the media monitoring, making it possible to manage all your monitoring from one platform.

Hypactors monitor module

And to get all the facts on your media monitoring results, like the financial value, the impressions, the best performing market and all the other relevant numbers – simply turn to the ‘Measure’ part of the platform

It’s integrated. It’s Hypefactors.

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