Let’s get personal. Hypefactors is collaborative tech for the entire earned media team. Still, every user can benefit from adding individual preferences. All complexity is eliminated and a personal dashboard with key facts is easy to access.

Let’s get personal

Hypefactors is tech for the earned media team as a whole, and for each individual on the team. Every individual user gets a personal account and can easily share relevant insights with colleagues and add the personal preferences on top, such as brands/companies/topics to monitor, media relations, specific currency, timezone etc.

Virtual collaboration

Hypefactors is a collaborative platform where team members can share all the earned media information in a virtual space. The team can co-work on press releases, media lists, analytics, coverage reports, activities/campaigns etc. For international companies, this is need-to-have functionalities. For all other organisations, it’s still pretty nice.

Quick access to the most important information

On the personal dashboard, you are given a snap overview of the key facts you prefer. You can compare across brands/companies and check the financial value of the media coverage, impressions, clippings, top-10 of most valuable mentions and more. You decide what kind of information you prefer to access first.

Adjust in seconds

We have eliminated the complexity of the traditional media monitoring services and made it super easy for you to make adjustments to your account and preferences—without having to wait for a consultant to do it for you. Still, whenever you need assistance, our support team is ready to help you.

To access more detailed insights on earned media performance for the individual companies, brands or topics you follow, simply turn to ‘Measure’ to create an automated coverage report, simply turn to ‘Monitor’ to check out the media monitoring, simply turn to ‘Create’ to create press releases or stories for online newsrooms, and simply turn to ‘Connect’ to distribute the news. All with the same login and in a few clicks.

It’s integrated. It’s Hypefactors.

Integrated to fit your specific needs

Hypefactors is tech for earned media professionals. It is more than just media monitoring, more than just social listening, more than just sentiment analysis, more than just reporting, more than just news distribution, more than just online newsrooms, more than just employee advocacy and more than just KPIs. It’s all of that and it’s integrated to fit your personal needs.

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