With Hypefactors, you can discover the most relevant media influencers across media types and markets – and start building strong relationships. Simply, a smarter way to connect.

Discover the right media influencers…

You can search, browse, and discover the journalists and influencers relevant to your business or specific story.

…. and build valuable relationships

Add the most relevant media influencers to your personal media relations database incorporated in the Hypefactors platform, and start building valuable relationships.

With Hypefactors you get all the hard facts in a snap: which stories do your media relations publish? Who are the most positive journalists in regards to your brand? How often do they mention your brand? And more.

Hypefactors connect - connect with influnecers through Hypefactors

Make ‘PR’ stand for Personal Relations

Journalists, bloggers, influencers. How to build these all-important media relationships? The first step is to create a relevant media database with the media contacts that matter. Hypefactors makes it easy for you to find and add new media influencers – and to connect with them. The next step is to monitor and nurture personal media relationships. With Hypefactors the media contacts are monitored and ranked, making it a lot easier to follow up and keep the most important influencer relations warm.

Distribute your news with media lists

It’s easy to share press releases and other documents with your relations directly from Hypefactors. By combining your personal media lists with Hypefactors’ journalist database, you will have the right contacts at hand. On top of that, Hypefactors makes it extremely easy to group the media contacts and to create relevant media lists. With Hypefactors, the distribution of news could not be any faster and easier. And yes, tracking of opening rates and other influencer performance issues are of course included.

To create the story and publish it in your online newsroom on Hype.News or post it to social media, simply use the Create part of the platform.

It’s integrated. It’s Hypefactors.

Employee advocacy in a click

Why not extend the reach of your content by letting the employees share relevant news on their personal social media accounts? Employee advocacy has never been easier. It’s the smartest way to distribute existing content to all or selected employees. Employees who like to share content and engage with their network can do it in the simplest possible one-click manner.

Media relations management system (PR CRM)

With a media relation management system, you’ll have all your contacts at hand. You can tag them, categorize them, group them or everything at once. Always have an up to date record of your interactions, attach notes to contacts and see detailed statistics of the value they provide for your brand.

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