Eliminate irrelevant mentions with one click – monitor difficult or vague brand names flawlessly

Completely unique brand names are hard, almost impossible, to come by. Some companies and organizations have a name that – depending on context and language – can mean different things. Within the field of media monitoring, it has previously been impossible to distinguish between a word as the name of a person or the name of an organization. But this issue is now in the past.

As the first company in the media intelligence industry, Hypefactors have launched a brand new, advanced AI technology developed by professional and competent data scientists and linguists; a technology able to identify what each individual word refers to, whether it be a brand, product, person or event. 

This technology is a big step for Hypefactors (and media intelligence in general), but it remains a small step for you when it comes to unlocking its full potential. 

How-to guide:

When creating a new search within the Hypefactos platform, the “Main Search Term” is set to “Any”. This means that the search team you put in must be identified as either a person, a product, an organization, a location or an event. With this feature, you are able to filter out irrelevant search results that do not fall into these categories.

If you only want to search for e.g. an organization, you just need to click on “Any” and choose “Organization” from the drop down menu.

If the search term you want is e.g. both an organization and an event, you can add another search term to your original one. You just need to click on “Enable Alternative Spellings?”, change the search field from “Organization” to “Event” and then type in the search term again in the new field.

Choose between “Person”, “Product”, “Organization”, “Location” and “Event”

Our brand new AI technology makes it possible to differentiate between whether a word refers to a person, a product, an organization, a location or an event. You now have the ability to conduct a search within one specific context and filter out irrelevant results. This feature is both completely groundbreaking and unique within the media intelligence industry

Classic media monitoring

You can, of course, still use our platform for more traditional media monitoring. You just need to choose “Free Text” in the drop-down menu and enter the search term in the search field as usual. Using “Free Text” allows you to search for all existing words that match your search term.

Does it sound too good to be true, and are you excited to get started? The brand new AI technology has already been launched and is ready for use in the Hypefactors platform.

If you want further information or help with setting up a new search, feel free to contact your key account manager or reach out to us via email (support@hypefactors.com)