A brief review of Vue learning resources — State of 2018

When it comes to mastering any skill, you’re not going to learn everything you need to know from one book. This is why blossoming frameworks like Vue.js need a lot of educational producers. It’s good for everyone, and everyone will need lots of educational resources on their way to mastery.Gregg Pollack

This quote has so much truth in it. No matter how many books I read, podcasts I listen to or videos I watch, there is always something new to pick up.

In this post, we will go through both premium and free learning resources, so there will be something for everyone. Some of these may be a bit steep for someone just starting out, but split with a friend, ask your boss to pay for it, look out for sales, in the end it will surely pay off.

The times when the Vue docs were the only learning resource are long gone. There is so much quality material out there that you cannot read it all.

I will go through the ones that helped me become a full-time Vue developer and a lead developer at Hypefactors.

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