AI assisted reputation management

At Hypefactors, we are pushing the-state-of-the-art of AI assisted reputation management by going beyond the limitations of sentiment analysis.

Hey, my name is Sune and I’m a data scientist at Hypefactors.

Today I want to share some insights about how you can use sentiment analysis as a tool for reputation management.

What are people saying about you?

In order to successfully manage the reputation of your brand or organization you need to be aware of what people are saying about you. If someone is expressing negative feelings or opinions about your brand you want to respond with a constructive message that addresses that criticism. Unfortunately, identifying mentions that require your attention when you are monitoring global news and social media is a big challenge.

Positive or negative feelings?

Sentiment analysis is a technique within the field of natural language processing. The goal of sentiment analysis is to build a system that can automatically assign a label to text indicating whether it expresses positive or negative feelings or opinions. Sentiment analysis can greatly improve your ability to manage your brands’ reputation because it enables you to focus on mentions that are positive or negative. For brands that generate thousands of mentions everyday, this is a huge advantage.

It’s a big challenge

Because of the huge variability of natural language however automatic sentiment analysis is a big challenge. A successful system needs to handle complicated language phenomena such as: negation, sarcasm, context and multiple languages.

Overcome the limitations

There are also many limitations of sentiment analysis which makes it problematic for media reputation management. At Hypefactors we offer solutions that advance the state-of-the-art to overcome many of these limitations.


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