Every journalist’s favorite source – Five benefits with an online integrated newsroom

Where should journalists find their information about you? On your own website of course. With an integrated newsroom on your company´s website, you can take advantage of increasing your credibility and inform relevant journalists about your brand.

How do you send out press releases, keep in touch with journalists, and inform clients about your product updates? The biggest challenge companies are facing today is that they spend hours updating their website, creating content for press releases and the media, without it being worth the time spent doing it. By establishing your own publishing platform through an online integrated newsroom, you can take control of your public relations and make the journalists write about you. Not only can this benefit your contact with the public, but it will also benefit your online brand. 

Five benefits

How can you benefit from Hypefactors online integrated newsroom – become a trustworthy and relevant source in your industry. Own your content and brand. Here are five ways you can benefit from having an integrated online newsroom on your website.

1. Take control. Take control over what is said about your brand. An online newsroom can be your voice in the media. By updating your media channel with relevant and new content about your brand- you can influence what is said about it and your reputation. Information coming directly from the source, your website, increase credibility, and lets you take control over the news surrounding your brand.

2. Build relationships. Building a professional press platform gives your brand a credible and trustworthy source for journalists and other stakeholders to be informed. Under a crisis like COVID-19, journalists need valid and reliable information about your brand. Stakeholders are worried and need information and assurance about what is going on with your brand. An integrated newsroom is a good way for companies to build a communication channel that keeps customers happy and informed. Stakeholders are not feeling left out, but instead informed, and this is the right way to build relationships.

3. Credible information. By building a trustworthy platform, you can be the face of credible information in your industry. Get people to visit your page to find the right information about your industry. More traffic on your website means better awareness and engagement, which leads to more potential customers visiting your page.

4. Every journalist’s favourite source. Journalists want it easy. If they are going to write about your business, they need relevant information and a contact person, and this should be convenient. Happy journalists mean more earned media for the company.

5. Time-saving. Inform all relevant parties at once. Save time by making your newsroom the contact point for your investors, journalists, and customers. That way you can save time by sending out to journalists, internal contacts, and external interest at the same time. Especially relevant now in the times of COVID-19. And journalists writing about you is earned media for your company. 

The Hypefactors-way

There are different ways to go about creating a newsfeed for your company. Hypefactors make it easy for you by giving you access to build your own integrated newsfeed and at the same time provides you with an online distribution platform. Quickly sign up for a Hype.News newsroom for free here, to test out our distribution channel. That way, you can take control of your reputation, build credible relationships with your stakeholders, and at the same time be every journalist’s favourite brand while you spend less time and save money.

Housing all your PR information in one place, its available and convenient- not only for your stakeholders but also for your PR team.