How to set up a time-saving media monitoring stream

Media monitoring has never been easier than with Hypefactors. Be the first to know what people are saying about you in the media. It`s easy to set up, global, and customizable.

Earned media and branding are essential now that budgets are tight and people spend more time online. What are people saying about your brand in the media? With Hypefactors you can monitor coverage and conversations for different brands, for specific markets and for specific types of media. Hypefactors monitor all relevant media coverage including web and print plus all social media channels in real-time. The monitoring is tailor-made to fit the individual PR professional. Learn some new tips and tricks on how to set up and optimize your media monitoring stream.

How to set up a media monitoring stream the Hypefactors-way?

What would you like to monitor: mentions about your company, for a brand or product, or would you like to know more about your competitors? Set up your stream by choosing relevant terms and specific keywords to monitor.

The first tip is: have multiple streams for one brand. Start by deciding what brand you want to measure. Each brand can have one or more streams, covering different topics and media outlets. Choosing the type of media you would like to monitor. Do you want to know what people are saying about your brand in social media? Choose Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. Would you also like to know what people are saying about you in your relevant newspapers? Choose print and web. Different topics and media outlets have different search words, and you might want different streams when monitoring Instagram versus the local newspaper. 

Search words 

Finding the right content requires the right search words. Start by adding the basics information about your brand. Is there an alternative spelling or abbreviation of your brand? Make sure your cover it all.

The second tip is: Additional information about your brand should be added to specify your search. Are there other brands with the same name? Include associated search words that are relevant to your brand and exclude words that are generating irrelevant content to your brand. Narrow your search by adding extra criteria and include countries or language variations- as Hypefactors monitor worldwide.

Final tips and tricks: Advanced settings

After adding the number of streams and relevant search words, there are some final tips and tricks you should know about in order to optimize your media monitoring stream. 

Auto clippings. Are you handling hundreds of clippings each day? This can be time-consuming and it is hard to keep track of all the mentions. Hypefactors’ AI automatically saves all your mentions to measure and gives you the opportunity to gather data and generate reports.  If you only care about some specific news, you can manually decide which mentions to include. Otherwise, all clippings will be autosaved to measure, by turning on autosaving in your stream. 

Clone or copy stream. Are you happy about your current stream for a brand or topic, and would you like to clone it? No problem. You can easily clone or copy your favorite stream to another brand or the same brand. By simply clicking on “edit stream” on a previous stream, two options are displayed down in the left corner: “change brand” or “clone”. By clicking on either of them, you will have the option to use your current stream again.

Use tags. Do you have several streams under one brand, but only want to make a report on one stream? Add tags under “advanced” when creating or editing a stream. You can filter by tags when generating reports and extract content from that specific stream in your report. 

RSS feed. Would you like for more people in your office to know what´s been written about your brand? Create an auto RSS feed to your intranet. That way, colleagues can engage and learn more about the company`s earned media. Read our blog-post about RSS-feed to learn more about it.

Be smart about your media monitoring streams. These tips and tricks will help gather the most specific and optimized content about your brand. You are always welcome to contact our Hypefactors Customer Success Team if you need help with optimizing your monitoring streams: