Hypefactors ready to launch ‘Names of Interest’ technology

The SaaS company Hypefactors, which delivers a unified solution for media intelligence, reputation and
trust tracking, will launch its Names of Interest (NOI) technology on 16th of June 2022. NOI tech is an
implementation of Hypefactors’ proprietary AI-based named entity recognition (NER), which is now
taken to a new level of precision and scale with NOI. NOIs are the media equivalent of ‘points of
interests’ used in global navigation tech. The AI underlying NOI automatically identifies and classifies
names of products, services, companies, governments, foundations (or any legal body), countries,
states, regions, cities, villages, landmarks, persons, sport events and special occasions that one may find
useful or interesting

Hypefactors CEO, Casper Janns, says:

“NOI is Hypefactors’ most important AI creation ever – developed over several years with lots
of blood, sweat, media data and intelligence. By applying the NOI enrichments live and
ongoingly on all global media data, Hypefactors lays a new technological foundation from
which new levels of media monitoring precision can be achieved, new PR/comms product
solutions can be built using NOI’s personalization and recommendations, and new solutions
can be built for data-driven decision-making business segments like marketing and finance.”

The NOI distinctiveness comes from its state-of-the-art machine learning architecture that is codesigned to be scaled up using specialized AI hardware such that Hypefactors’ high-volume live
updating global media data stream is enriched with NOIs. In combination with recent data enrichment
additions to Hypefactors’ Atlastic media intelligence technology, incl. automated analysis of brand
reputation and trust across earned media mentions, the inclusion of automated NER technology will be
an important cornerstone of the total solution.

NOI is powered by AI-based NER developed by Hypefactors’ team of AI engineers and linguists. It
builds upon our pre-existing multi-lingual AI construction methods also used for our Reputation-AI
and our Presence-AI. The proprietary approach contributes to Hypefactors’ unique tech asset and IP
base. NOI is the pivotal technology taking media intelligence to the next level, and it is the cornerstone
for a sleeve of new innovative product features planned for later parts of 2022 and 2023.