Q&A with the COO

David Pansbo, COO, Hypefactors

Q&A session with David (COO in Hypefactors), who has a background in the media monitoring companies Meltwater and (Danish) Infomedia

Q1: What’s the difference between Hypefactors and the traditional media monitoring providers when it comes to basic monitoring?
David: Hypefactors is very different, and all-in-one. It comes with a more automated approach to media tech, using the latest technology. Monitoring is a lot more comprehensive (online, print, tv, social media, review sites etc. in one solution) and it is a lot easier for users to access and to adjust their searches.

Q_2: Can we pay you to create quarterly or yearly media reports?
David: At Hypefactors, we are not trying to sell you manually made media analytics reports. We do it a bit better: A license to Hypefactors comes with the option to create all the media reports you like; quarterly or yearly – or hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. Downside? You need to click on the “Report” button and wait some seconds – and it makes it harder to spend your budget.

Q_3: We have been using another media monitoring provider for many years. Does this other provider have a monopoly on monitoring specific media outlets?
David: No. For many years the market was stuck with the same provider, but that’s history now. Today no provider has a monopoly on monitoring any media outlets. And by the way: Hypefactors comes with the most comprehensive monitoring.

Q_4: How many markets can we monitor with Hypefactors?
David: How many markets would you like? With Hypefactors you can monitor all the geographical and industrial markets you like. Our unique crawling technology monitors media in all the countries of the world, incl. the ones using non-latin character like Russia and China. And the automated sentiment analysis is spectacular.

Do you have other questions? Feel free to ask David. You can email him at  dp@hypefactors.com