Roll-out of audience data technology advancement

Hypefactors is listed at Nasdaq Growth Market in Copenhagen. This is an announcement to the stock market (no. 2-2021). Copenhagen, 11. January 2021.

Hypefactors announces that its tech department will start rolling out a further improved version of the company’s audience data technology this week.

Since Hypefactors’ ‘Intelligent Media Reputation Crawler’ vers. 4.0 was launched in November, more advancements have been developed. Now, more than 6 million relevant websites are continuously being crawled in near real-time, enabling users to always be on top of both the global and the local media landscape.

Comprehensive monitoring of the news is the foundation for media intelligence. Where Hypefactors stands out further is by enriching data into information, making it possible to provide users with the most accurate media reputation tracking. A crucial information point is the estimation of the audience size (readership/viewership) for different media outlets and news stories. No one can provide the exact numbers at a global scale, so it is imperative to have the highest fidelity data, algorithms and calculation model for the most accurate estimation.

For this, Hypefactors ingests third-party audience data streams and augments it with its proprietary media statistics distilled from its big data pipelines. This smart approach brings unmatched accuracy in estimating the audience and enriches media reputation tracking for our users. This rollout incorporates improvements in this area yielding vers. 4.1 of the Hypefactors’ Intelligent Media Reputation Crawler. The advances include drastically expanded applicability (i.e. recall in machine-learning) through smarter extrapolation and enhanced country classification.

CEO Casper Janns adds:

“Hypefactors’ number one priority is to keep progressing the user experience and accuracy for current and future users of organizations interested in taking advantage of
powerful media intelligence to improve their media reputation. This is one more step ahead, and we will keep on moving.”

Vers. 4.1. strengthens the company’s platform and technological asset base and is expected to make a positive contribution to the commercial development of the company.

About Hypefactors A/S

Hypefactors is an integrated AI powered Earned Media tech platform to support better media intelligence and reputation management. Hypefactors combine data, analytics, technology and tools to provide a unified and easy-to-use experience. With all the tools to automate and ease the work, and all the facts to document the results. In addition to media monitoring across the different media channels, the platform provides access to a number of facts, incl. automated documentation of the monetary value and quality assessment of each third party media mention. The platform also contains other time-saving tools such as automatically generated media reports and a mobile app giving access to real-time media mentions. The company is listed at Nasdaq Growth Market in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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