Hypefactors media relation management system, gives you all your contacts at hand. Never miss a note, forget about an email and always know the value that your relations provides for your brand

The better alternative to managing your contacts in a spreadsheet

With a media relation management system, you’ll have all your contacts at hand. You can tag them, categorize them, group them or everything at once. When you contact your relations directly through Hypefactors, you will always have a detailed record of your interactions, you can write notes about the specific contacts and see detailed statistics of the value they provide for your brand.

Media relations perfectly in sync with your media monitoring results

Hypefactors is an all in one PR solution and media monitoring is part of the Hypefactors core. This means that you don’t just have a record of your interactions with a media relation, you can see what every pice of coverage that they have written about you, if it was positive or negative and how valuable it was to your brand.

Compare your relations on performance metrics

When looking at relation in Hypefactors you have access to a lot of data on the individual, but we also let you see how they compare to your other relations. You can also compare the performance of different groups. This is useful in many situations fx if you have to decide whether to go broad with a press release or send it to a selected few. With Hypefactors that decision is easier to make.

To learn more about the full relations system with content creation, media database etc. go to ‘Connect’. For more info on analytics, media monitoring, automated report generation and more, simply go to the Platform part of the platform.

It’s integrated. It’s Hypefactors.

Media relations management is teamwork

With Hypefactors PR CRM you can make your emails and notes available to your team, making seamless conversations between multiple PR agents and relations possible. Never miss those oh so important notes because they are hidden somewhere in a team member’s excel sheet.

Find out who opened your emails and who you need to reengage

With Hypefactors media relations management system you can track open rates and click rates of your emails just like marketing have been able to for so long. This lets you know what relations that opens your emails and how they engage with your content.

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