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Global media monitoring powered by artificial intelligence

Media monitoring has never been easier. Advanced Artifical Intelligence (AI) drives our modern news media monitoring, but setting up a monitoring stream is really easy. Would you like to monitor mentions for a company, mentions for a brand, mentions for a product or maybe mentions for competitors? No problem. If you also want to monitor Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and review sites, you can always adjust your subscription to include these channels in your results.

Hypefactors monitors the web
Hypefactors monitors facebook
Hypefactors monitors twitter
Hypefactors monitors instagram
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Hypefactors monitors youtube

Easily set up multiple
media monitoring streams

Monitor your brand
Analyse coverage and get notified when people and media talk about you in real-time.

Monitor your competitors
Watch what they are doing and follow their media strategy.

Monitor your products
Set up refined streams for your sub-brands and products.

Be the first to know with real-time updates on your phone

With Hypefactors, you will always be the first to know. The mobile app makes monitoring convenient on-the-go. Just download the free mobile app for iOS or Android and get going.

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From feelings to facts

With Hypefactors you will get all the facts to prove and improve your Earned Media results. Incl. the financial value of your media coverage. Users can track, analyze, compare and share results across brands, markets, activities and time. And get updated on the progress in-real time: Are you and the team on track or not?

Media monitoring reports

With Hypefactors, ready-made coverage/performance reports are made in seconds. You can create your own customized reports from parameters like: Brands, markets, time periods, activities, and media categories.

Content distribution

Company announcements, brand stories, product news or other media content. Hypefactors makes it easier and faster to create and distribute stories efficiently. Once completed, your story can be distributed in several ways. We will track the impact and let you know which type of content that performs the best.

Get personal

With Hypefactors you can discover the most relevant media influencers – and start building strong relationships. Simply a smarter way to connect. Media contacts are monitored and ranked, making it a lot easier to follow up and to keep the most important influencer relations warm. Media lists can be created easily and yes, tracking of opening rates is included.

What our customers say about us

Moët Hennessy

“We wish to know the effect of our PR work as accurately as possible. That is why our team uses Hypefactors.”

Lars Belling, CEO, Moët Hennessy Nordic

The Prism Group

“The best tool I have used and the tool that I would recommend is Hypefactors.”

Julissa Nova, President The Prism Group, USA

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