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Global and local media monitoring in a user-friendly and AI-driven package that tracks, measures and lets you report on your media presence.

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Frequently asked

First, we tailor the entire experience to you. We set up a custom demonstration based on your organisation, this way you see exactly what you’ll get, and the platform starts to collect media data even before you decide if you want to sign up – in short you will hit the ground running. Plus, we don’t do “hard sales.” Instead, think of us as a team of trusted advisors who want to help you make the best decision. If we’re a match, great! But if not, that’s ok, too.

First, you will hear from our account management team who will discuss your business’s use case. These experts will help you determine if Hypefactors is truly valuable for your needs. If so, we’ll then walk you through a customized demo of the product. It’s almost like the usual SaaS process, except we want to make sure that we are both a perfect fit for each other.

It all depends on your current process (and your goals) for doing media monitoring and reporting on your media reputation. For instance, are you currently assembling everything manually, but you’re looking to automate the process? We can definitely help. To make sure, book a demo so that one of our experts can discuss your goals in more detail.

Our prices are based on your needs and we work together with you to end up with the best constellation for your exact needs. We walk through all of these details with you in our demo, so that we can learn about the number of needed media monitoring streams and the number of users to fit your requirement. Then, we will recommend a fixed and tailored pricing plan for your business.

Making life easier

Save up to 8 hours a week with a more user-friendly media platform

One tool. One login. Everything at hand. Intuitive and easy to use. Hypefactors is a one-stop platform covering all features and facts needed by any professional communications team. Saving time, reducing costs, and improving results.

Media monitoring you can trust

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In the complex world of non-profit organizations, you are always busy but we promise: You can simplify your work life by choosing a more intuitive and comprehensive media monitoring solution. It has never been easier. The Hypefactors’ media monitoring is based on our advanced AI technology, non-stop reading and analyzing both 8 million news websites, the social media platforms, newspapers, magazines, tv and radio, providing you with a comprehensive solution. Monitoring streams on different topics, agendas, persons or organizations are easily created – and you can adjust in seconds by yourself if you like. A mobile app makes monitoring convenient on-the-go.

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Measure the reputation effect

From feelings to facts

With Hypefactors you will get all the facts to prove and improve your earned media results, including advanced reputation/sentiment, reach, clipping distribution, geography and the monetary value of every single media mentions. Users can track, analyse, compare and share results across organizations, agendas, markets and time. And get updated on the progress in real-time: are you and the team on track or not? 

Hypefactors mobile app

Hypefactors media monitoring email

Report and share the results

The 1-click report

With Hypefactors, ready-made media coverage and performance reports are made in seconds. You can create your own customised reports from parameters such as organizations, topics, markets, time periods, activities and media categories. And you don’t need to paste in URLs – we have everything covered by automation.

Create great content

Spread the word

Official announcements, press releases or other media content. Hypefactors makes it easier and faster to create and distribute stories efficiently. Once completed, your story can be distributed in several ways. We will track the impact and let you know which type of content that performs the best.

About Hypefactors

Hypefactors is state-of-the-art reputation and corporate trust management tech replacing time-consuming manual work with intelligent automation. It’s a comprehensive one-stop platform, driven by powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) that automates Public Relations and Earned Media tasks. Including global media monitoring, social listening, a lot of facts to document your results, advanced analytics, plus extensive coverage reports – in just one click.