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Global media monitoring powered by artificial intelligence

Hypefactors shifts through millions of websites, blogs, forums and social networks every day, so you don’t have to.

Easily set up advanced media monitoring for anything you want and receive your media mentions instantly and complete with impressions, reputation/sentiment analysis, links etc.

Hypefactors monitors the web
Hypefactors monitors facebook
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Easily set up multiple
media monitoring streams

Monitor your brand
Analyse coverage and get notified when people and media talk about you in real-time.

Monitor your competitors
Watch what they are doing and follow their media strategy.

Monitor your products
Set up refined streams for your sub-brands and products.

Get real-time updates on your phone

With Hypefactors, you will always be the first to know. 
The mobile app makes monitoring convenient on both Android and iOS.

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Take it to the next level

Customised reporting
You can create reports from parameters like brands, markets, time periods, activities and media categories.

Find journalists and influencers
Hypefactors maps, monitors and ranks media contacts on a global scale. Easily create media lists and connect.

Calculate the financial value
Measure the effect of your earned media, including reach and financial value. All powered by artificial intelligence.

Distribute content
Use your newsroom to help automatically and efficiently distribute announcements, news and stories.

What our customers say about us

Moët Hennessy

“We wish to know the effect of our PR work as accurately as possible. That is why our team uses Hypefactors.”

Lars Belling, CEO, Moët Hennessy Nordic

The Prism Group

“The best tool I have used and the tool that I would recommend is Hypefactors.”

Julissa Nova, President The Prism Group, USA

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