Relations that last

Landing a placement in the media today can be difficult. However, when getting an earned media placement, your brand is given credibility and trustworthiness. Therefore building long-lasting relationships, pitching the right news stories, and keeping in contact with your relations is important.

Public relations is a communication strategy that depends on building mutually beneficial relationships between the organization and the public.

What used to be physical meetings and chats are now replaced by online meetings. Relationships are not built and long-lasting without contact, and therefore this should be embraced. The virtual and physical feelings will not be replaced by email and calls, and the online new meetings are important. Regardless of this, relations need to be easy and convenient. Journalists need to get access to relevant material, and this should be easy. Therefore, by gathering your portfolio of journalists, sending out and pitching news to them, as well as giving access to a well-established media kit, will promote relationships that last.

Easy access to content – Media kit

Make it easy and convenient for your media relations to write about you with a media kit. A media kit is a package of information to reporters and influencers that companies create to provide easy access to basic and relevant information about the company. An online and integrated newsroom is one way of giving easy access to content for a journalist to pick from when choosing to write about you. Read more about our online newsroom here.

Send out and pitch – Journalists

Pitching your content, being creative, and capturing the journalist’s attention is important when reaching out to your relations. Unlike advertising, a media mention cannot be bought and is therefore a third-party validation for your story. Therefore, selling your story is very important when sending out press releases, and reaching your targeted media relations. Different stories should go out to different media contacts, so it’s important to differentiate between your relations. It’s much better to send your story to a few relevant relations with a personal message than as a generic message to many relations. Sending a good PR contact irrelevant content also runs the risk of damaging the established relationship.

Here you can also read our tips about how to nail a press release.

Media Relations with Hypefactors – Connect

With Hypefactors PR CRM (Media relation management system) you can nurture and track your current media relations while building up new ones. With the Hypefactors database, you can add your own contacts, find and create new relations with other contacts, and also easily keep in touch with them. Create content and send out to your established or new contacts. Group your relations based on any criteria and track the opening rate from all the press releases you send out. 

Publish your story to your online newsroom and get it integrated into your own webpage. This gives journalists easy access to your news stories and can easily get in touch when they want to write about you.